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So whether you live in Zurich, Geneva or someplace in between - register now and start Swiss dating.The Swedes are nothing if not efficient, and many Swedish singles are looking for love.I am not a slim jim myself, but I prefer skinny women, so long as they aren't anorexic anyway.Maybe your government should introduce some food standards.Whether you live in Madrid, Valencia or Granada - we can help you find that Spanish single you're looking for.e Harmony is hardly neutral when it comes to finding that special Swiss single with the help of our patented system, designed to find the very best quality matches for you in this small but varied country.So find someone you'll click with in Warsaw, Gdansk, Cracow or anyplace in between, and meet that single in Poland you've been looking for.

Most POF members will not run into those folks unless living in Miami, NYC, Boston, but it does put things in perspective(dreams of a whopper as I type lol) As a slender woman I stick out like a sore thumb in America. Men's Health magazine publishes a yearly roundup of all the worst foods in America, and it floors me the kind of things people are able to buy that is just really high in calories, sodium and fats.

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I met my wife on here almost 2 years ago, unfortunately we are now divorced due to her affair. Im not fat or anything but I am not a super thin guy however prefer super thin women. It's all about self-perception; so you're still gonna see women that look 200 pounds still list them selves as 'Thin' no matter what you do. I noticed a certain race tens to put average when they are quite large.

There's probably a site for pantyhose fetishists... Just want to add this since this thread can apparently be taken in a negative way. Thin women are only my preference but that doesnt mean there is not immense beauty in women of the opposite shape. I've worked 2 years in Africa (Sudan, Darfur) and North americans will not make cry with their obesity proplems. Thin/skinny denotes looking unhealthy or is a word thrown at fit/average women to try and make them feel abnormal by people who are larger imo. I'm amazed how many genuinely thin women still end up listing themselves as 'Average' for their body type.

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