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If you're not interested in snapping on an extra battery, or case, or speaker, then skip the Moto Z and buy something else.But if you can't wait to be on the cutting edge of smartphone design, the Z here is actually useful while still being different and cool.They're still considered one of the most successful girl groups, ever, with 12 number one singles. Recommended Listening: Twiggy Twiggy was just a regular model before Brit hairdresser Leonard, of the House of Lenoard, gave her her signature close-cropped 'do.The short hair, combined with her stunning doe eyes launched her into supermodel status.Take a look, and share your favorites in the comments!—she had a romance with French singer Serge Gainsbourg, had a rather famous Hermès bag named after her, and gave birth to two girls — Lou Doillon and Charlotte Gainsbourg — both style muses in their own rights.In the years after JFK's death, she reinvented herself as a glamourous jet-setting socialite.Recommended Reading: Marianne Faithfull In the mid-60s, Faithfull, a British singer, songwriter and actress, left her husband to have a romantic and creative relationship with Mick Jagger.

We’ve gathered together some of the incredible women who defined the fashion and style of the 60s—including music icons like the Supremes, models (hello, Twiggy), actresses like Jane Birkin and designers—as well as clued you in on some of their best work in order to get to know them better.

The 1960s was a transformative decade — the end of the restrictive post-World War II posturing and the ushering in of an era of cultural and political uncertainty.

It was the time of JFK’s presidency and assassination, of Woodstock and Vietnam and of college campuses boiling over with anti-war rage and protest — and massive social upheaval. Suddenly hemlines were shorter, heels higher, and all style bets were off.

Recommended Listening: Anita Pallenberg An Italian-born designer, actress, and model, Pallenberg is known for dating not one but two members of the Rolling Stones — Brian Jones and Keith Richards.

She had three children with Richards and was rumored to even had had a brief fling with Jagger, though she denies it.

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    The 57-years old, Colin Firth is married to his girlfriend, Italian film producer, and director, Livia Giuggioli. Firth and Livia have been supportive of each other throughout their journey of around two decades. After four years of marriage, the couple welcomed their first son, Luca who is now a high school boy.