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People who rated personality favorably tended to rate appearance favorably.

A considerable percentage of participants (36 %) reported that they had engaged in an extradyadic emotional or sexual relationship within the last 2 months.

This type of programming promotes the idea that a person can only be complete through a committed heterosexual relationship.

The message is that it is not okay for anyone (especially women) to be single.

Extending the literature on impression formation in computer-mediated communication, we investigated the content and extent of impressions formed about an online stranger with a limited profile, as well as the tendency to form gender-stereotypic impressions.

Participants viewed either a male or female Facebook profile consisting of general information and an avatar for a photo.

For example, Pozner writes that producers film 100% of the time, but use less than 1% of what they film.

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Three experiments examined whether downward social comparison may enhance satisfaction in close relationships.Results from logistic regression analyses supported the general hypothesis that emotional and sexual EDI were both significantly associated with relationship dissolution.These associations remained strong even after controlling for participants’ age, relationship duration, and relationship quality.In a thought-generating task participants were asked to generate features of their relationship in which they considered their relationship as (no-comparison condition) Experiment 1 and Experiment 3 found evidence that downward comparison resulted in more relationship satisfaction than merely generating good qualities of the relationship in both dating and marital relationships.Experiment 2 and Experiment 3 showed that engaging in downward comparison moderated the effect of relational discontent upon satisfaction, but only for those high in social comparison orientation.

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